Intrinsic Values

We are a joy-focused outdoor lifestyle shop connecting our customers with great brands. We offer a curated brand experience for your life both out and about and in.

We don't view our relationships as transactions. When something is on our shelves or displayed on our walls, we've considered not only if the product will sell, but also:

  • Who are the people behind the product? Will they be good partners?
  • What decisions were made in the design of the product to ensure it is well made?
  • Is it constructed of materials and with processes that consider durability, sustainability, impact, and the people who work in the factories?

When we choose to work with a brand, we get fully behind it. We learn about the people involved and have meetings with the decision-makers. We then can confidently stand behind their products and promise to you that we've done our homework.

We will find brands and products that you may not find in the bigger shops. That's intentional. We want to be different, and a lot of our partners feel the same way. It's certainly easier to be creative and innovative when you have that camaraderie.

For Brand Partners, Intrinsic Provisions is far more than a place where we buy stuff and sell it.

We share a common thing. That is our customers. Our customers have an affinity with your brand. But our customers have a connection to their community. More and more customers are inclined to shop small and shop local.

We understand that retail is expensive and daunting. We also understand that the direct-to-consumer model is by far the most profitable for brands. However, retail still has a place and a value in the customer journey. To be able to experience a brand in a tactile and tangible way in person informs their decision making in positive ways. We don’t intend to overshadow your brand. What we do is add seamless value to your brand.

Here are all the ways Intrinsic Provisions can work with your brand beyond the transaction and retail merchandising:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Return Point
  3. Fulfillment

These three things are pivotal to increased profitability to our brand partners all while enhancing the customer experience with shared rewards for all.