Our Brand's Responsibilities

We choose our brands on purpose, with purpose. Whether it is being 1% For The Planet, a certified B-Corp, or investing in the future of humans and our planet we have pulled together the reasons we love our brands, and why you should too.

Environmental Responsibilities

Our brands are committed to making actionable change around our climate and environmental stressors. Below is a table and the boxes which are filled in demonstrate if a brand is compliant or committed to complying within the next few years.

Social Responsibilities

We also believe there is more to sustainability than just working to protect the environment. Below are some highlights of the incredible work our brands are doing.

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DEI efforts

Norrona: The Transparency Act

Houdini: Houdini Hangouts Guide, Houdini Open Source

Toad&Co: Planet Access Company, Search for Adventure, The Conservation Alliance, The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, Search for Adventure, Brave Trails, Planned Parenthood

Rab: Outward Bound Trust, Supporting Women's Trad Fest, All in Ice Festival, AKA | Health Wealth & Oneness CIC, Dukes Barn Outdoor Activity Centre, AIARE Women’s Mentorship program, Radical Trails

​​Corbeaux: Join the Flight program

Topo Designs: Camber Outdoors partnership, supporting the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Colorado Black Health Collaborative, Outwild, Big City Mountaineers, Women’s Wilderness, Paradox Sports

Tentree: B Corp voted Best in the World for Community, collab with QMUNITY, Camber outdoors.

Janji: Global artist partners to represent global creativity and support emerging artistic communities

Salewa: SheJumps, SOS Outreach

Zeal Optics: SOS Outreach, Adaptive Adventures, Epic Experience, Vermont Adaptive Ski

Rumpl: First Descents, Venture Out

BioLite: Camping to Connect

Greater Societal Impact

Norrona: Ethical Trade Norway 

Houdini: Regenerative Lifestyles Initiative, 

Toad & Co: Planet Access Company, The Conservation Alliance, Los Padres Forest Watch, Environmental Defense Center, Yosemite Facelift, Portland Trails, Ventura Land Trust, Community Environmental Council

Rab: South Pole, Association of Mountaineering Instructors, UK Outdoors 

Topo Designs: Urban Fishing Initiative with Flylords

Tentree: Regenerative Agroforestry, Veritree

Sunski: Collab with Earth Guardians, Treelines for Firefighters, Sunrise Movement, PPE for Frontline workers.

Patagonia: Funded over 1,020 grassroots environmental groups across the country in the past year, Patagonia Action Works

Janji: 2% of proceeds from every Janji purchase & 100% of Janji Collective membership fees to clean water initiatives.

Salewa: Organization for a world in solidarity, Salewa gardens, Protect Our Winters, SAIMAA seals

Zeal Optics: Protect Our Winters, Plastic Oceans, More Than Just Me, The Latitude Project, dZi Foundation, National Forest Foundation

Opolis Optics: Advocate Program

Bivo: Bivo fund, Pledge for the Planet

Rumpl: Protect Our Winters, Surfrider Foundation, Save the Waves, Solve, Washington’s National Park Fund, The Conservation Alliance

Vermont Glove: 100% solar powered 

BioLite: Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps

Fair Wear Production

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Topo Designs

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