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Intrinsic Provisions


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We miss hugs. We figured this was the safest way to do it. The Intrinsic Provisions Hoodie is here! People asked but we weren’t going to do it until we found something we felt was good enough to put our name on. Enter the Independent Trading Co Legend Premium Heavyweight Cross-Grain Hoodie. It’s so nice, thick and soft, when you put it on you’ll literally feel like it’s giving you a hug.

There are three designs in two colorways. We all have our favorites but you can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re true to size. They’ll tight up a little bit when you wash and dry it but won’t shrink. Just like any good pair of jeans it just takes a little bit of wear to get it back to its old self.

Independent has gone to great lengths to ensure every detail of this sweatshirt is the best of the best and meticulously designed. From the fit, color palette, specialty yarns, and antique trims, to the way the fabric is knit, dyed, cut, and sewn, it has everything a sweatshirt needs without having too much and it’s all in the details.

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