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Everywhere Towels

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AKA the Shammy Towels. It's time to upgrade your shower, beach day, or pool party with the high quality, extra packable Everywhere Towel. Rumpl designed The Everywhere Towel to repel nonsense and help you dry off faster with super absorbent materials.

The Everywhere Towel collection is unique and offers designs to fit your lifestyle. With prints ranging from Rumpl Artist Division collaborations to the classic Rainbow Fade, these Everywhere Towels are perfect for embracing the outdoors!

It's perfect for traveling; quick drying, compact and easy to wash. Keep one in your suitcase and one in your car, so that you’re covered for every staycation and vacation alike.

Oh and one note, the Blazing Gaia pattern has a fun little backstory. This “Geometriart” print is created by Courtenay Pollock, who made a name for himself making tie dye art for the Grateful Dead (yeah, them). The Everywhere Towel in Blazing Gaia repels sand, pet hair, odor, and stains, all while taking up a fraction of the space of a normal cotton towel and just as well as all of the other patterns!

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