Why I Chose Intrinsic Provisions by Georgia Goodman (aka employee #2)

Why I Chose Intrinsic Provisions by Georgia Goodman (aka employee #2)

We often talk about change, how it’s hard, how it’s necessary, where it could happen. When I stepped into Intrinsic Provisions it didn’t feel like change, it felt like how it was supposed to be. I look at the industry giants with an eye from which we can learn, products which set the stage for community and sustainability and then I see how this is something different which learns from the positive aspects of these outdoor retailers while being able to constantly shift to the social movements which call us and demand a reshaping.

That first Friday when I was in the shop all day was where it all clicked for me. As the three of us gathered around the register, I looked at the colorful display of Bitchstix lip balm and anti-chafe by my elbow and saw a sign: “this product helps to support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.”

While I was there, not a single person left without purchasing something. And it isn't because every product someone could ever need is there. Rather, each piece in the store is there with intention and has a story behind it – whether it’s Houdini’s explanation of their materials or BITCHSTIX and women’s empowerment or the recycled mountain bike tires which Salty Boob uses to build their bike bags.

I chose to be a part of this team because of the agility and real-time ways that I see Intrinsic flexing and folding to create a new future of outdoor retail. One which is intentionally curated, meaning that each customer can shop with intention and purpose, whether it is to buy the new raincoat because theirs had worn down or a gift for their friend who loves to hike. It is an experience of being part of the future – and not the future of over production or excess. The future of slowing down and thinking about where our money goes, how spending intentionally is how we shift the culture, the attitudes, and about how buying with purpose at Intrinsic Provisions is how we make the change we talk so frequently about. And that is why I wanted to work here over anywhere else- to shift, adapt, learn, and help Intrinsic grow with the energy it deserves.

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