ABBA, Swedish Meatballs and Circular Fashion

ABBA, Swedish Meatballs and Circular Fashion

I’m going to be diving into the wonderful world of circular fashion and shedding some light on a company that's making waves in the industry known as Houdini Sportswear!

Now, let me start by saying that I've always admired those who think outside the box, and the CEO of Houdini Sportswear, Eva Karlsson, definitely falls into that category. Eva is a true visionary. In 2022 she led the charge in challenging global fashion week attendees to: 7 Days. 7 Garments. This encouraged creativity for the "outfit of the day” and encompassed their philosophy of “we don't need more clothes, but we need clothes that can do more”. 

But before we dive into this eco-fashion leader, let me share a little secret with you all. You see, I have a special family connection to the land of ABBA, meatballs, and IKEA. That's right, my roots go deep into the Swedish soil so when I discovered that Houdini Sportswear originates from the same land of my family, it was like finding a long-lost fashion treasure.

So, what's the deal with circular fashion, you ask? Well, it's all about breaking free from the shackles of the linear "take, make, waste" model that has plagued the fashion industry for far too long. Circular fashion focuses on creating a sustainable cycle where resources are maximized, waste is minimized, and the environment is given a well-deserved breather. And boy, does Houdini Sportswear know how to do it right!

When it comes to circularity, Houdini is a true game-changer. They craft their garments with attention to detail, ensuring that every piece is super fashionable with a sophisticated and minimalist look yet extremely technically capable. They’re on a mission to embrace sustainable materials without compromising on performance. From recycled polyester and Econyl (made from regenerated nylon) to biodegradable wool and Tencel lyocell, they’re always exploring new options to stay ahead of the green curve and this year they accomplished creating a product line that was made with 100% sustainable materials! 

In a world where fast fashion often reigns supreme, Houdini Sportswear is the refreshing breeze we've been waiting for. Their commitment to circular fashion, sustainable materials, and ethical practices is a beacon of hope for the industry. Plus, they manage to do it all with style and flair that makes heads turn and fashionistas swoon.

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